Ridgewood BBQ

Fire Safety Admin
2003/07/06 16:40:01
I have been to Ridgewood BBQ several times, but everytime I have been there, it has been during the week. I drove 140 miles to that destination and when I arrived, they were closed.

Made a mjaor mistake and went back to the main hwy between Johnson City and Bristol and stopped a a decent appearing BBQ place called Partners Bar-B-Que. They served some type of slice and chopped porked with no taste covered with an enormous amount of their sauce. I paid $10.00 for their place which included pork BBQ, slaw and fries. I took a few bites of their fries, a few more bites of their slaw which was fair and left.

The pork tasted stale like it had been frozen and left in the freezer.

Chalk it up to experience.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN

Junior Burger
RE: Ridgewood BBQ 2003/07/10 14:07:30
Ridgewood BBQ is simply the best in the country--if you can find it. It took a long time to find and was worth all the hassle and more.
John W
Junior Burger
RE: Ridgewood BBQ 2003/07/30 16:27:31
I've eaten at Partner's when I found the Ridgewood closed. No use in wasting time with the beans when I had savoured the best beans in the world at Mrs Proffit's. The fries were lackluster, true, compared with the best in the world but the barbecue was very edible and quite tasty but of course on a different Astral plane from the Ridgewood's (guess what?) best in the world.
Yes I have been disappointed to find the Ridgewood closed (Mother's Day?!) but I ordered a sandwich and tea at Partner's and tried to remember to call ahead.