Ice Cream in Trinidad

Junior Burger
2006/08/16 15:17:23
In Trinidad and Tobago Flavorite foods is the continous commercial ice cream made with artifical ingredients,willies,b,munch kings arethe homemade batch ice cream with real ingredients,dairybar is semi-commercial made premium way.Also there are homemade ice cream stands as well.The popular flavors are coconut,soursop,mango,granadilla,peanut-punch too.They are very delicous.Please tell me the opinion of Trinidad and caribbean ice-cream
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Ice Cream in Trinidad 2006/08/16 16:30:25
The mango sounds yummy,and the others sound interesting.I think I would like the homemade icecream
from a little stand.You can buy Mexican icecream around here,though I'm sure at some of the mexican markets on the southside you might be able to buy carribean icecream.There are several places here in San Antonio that sell paletas,which are mexican popsicles,mainly made of fresh fruit.
I have seen Beyers or Dreyers Coconut bars,haven't tried them yet.