Custard mix = headache

Fire Safety Admin
2006/08/20 00:49:43
I made up a batch of the Jell-o Americana custard a couple days ago. 1 box of mix, 1 egg yolk and 2 cups of milk. Heat and stir until boiling and then refrigerate.

Right after eating a 4oz bowl I got a pretty fair headache. Took some Aleve and it went away. Next day I ate another bowl and same thing, another headache.

I threw the rest away.

Any1 else every have any issues with this?

Filet Mignon
RE: Custard mix = headache 2006/08/20 05:11:44
Brain Freeze? Chow Jim
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Custard mix = headache 2006/08/21 00:18:14
No Jim, it was refrigerated not frozen and not really all that cold. Allergy maybe? I don't really know.

ann peeples
RE: Custard mix = headache 2006/08/21 00:23:12
I am honesty thinking ingrediants.....see what is in there