Sedona Arizona And Colorado

2003/07/07 12:04:52
I have travelled thru Arizona, and Colorado, and I have several restaurants I would like to mention.The first is The Red Planet Diner, in Sedona, Arizona. The red neon night lighting is pretty. It looks like a step back in time. Sedona controls Light pollution with ordinances.The New Frontiers Deli, located in the health food store by the same name is a treat. Reasonable prices, and many vegetarian selections make it a great alternative to junk food, or tourist traps. I like several restaurants in Colorado: The Blue Iguana in Lake City, Ninos in Monte Vista,(a Mexican treat) altho they ruined the decor by "remodelling". The Desert Sage in Crestone (Baca)is reasonable, and the Villa Grove General Store,in Villa Grove has home-made pies, and creaky wooden floors. Many restaurants are caught in time warps, with original booths, and lighting. Atmosphere means a lot to me when I eat. I also like to see the menus posted in the windows. It saves a lot of heartache, money, and heartburn, too.