Which is better ICS or CASI

Junior Burger
2006/08/28 11:35:27
I have a question being new to the Chili Cook -Off, and I am sure there is not a correct answer ...but I would like to know about peoples opinion. Which is a better contest ICS or CASI....and Why ??? I have done extensive research on and I am sure this has been asked before , I can't find it on any forum so I will pose the question to this forum for feedback. Thanks in advance.
RE: Which is better ICS or CASI 2006/08/28 16:53:31
ICS, of course.

OK, I've never cooked CASI before so I might be a little prejudiced. I think both organizations strive to hold fun cookoffs for the cooks and spectators. This is the second consecutive year I have qualified for the ICS World Championship which is now held in Omaha, Nebraska the first weekend in October. Since this is only 60 miles away, I naturally find it easier to attend the ICS championship than the CASI world held at Terlingua, Texas.