Drakes snacks

2006/08/29 17:07:46
Hi, I'm new to this site and registered just to post about Drake's snacks.
I remember as a little kid loving their snacks but we lived in New York at the time.
About 8 years ago, certain supermarkets where I live now (Virginia) started carrying Devil Dogs, Ring Dings and Yodels, and the occasional Fruit Pies and Coffee Cakes.
But they never carry my personal faves: Yankee Doodles and Sunny Doodles. Instead, they carry "Funny Bones," really bad chocolate and peanut butter concoctions.
Can anyone confirm if Yankee and/or Sunny Doodles are still made and if they sell them anywhere in the Mid Atlantic region (VA, MD or DE)?
RE: Drakes snacks 2006/08/29 17:31:24
Hey Frogger... Welcome to Roadfood... There's been many a discussion here on Drakes (and Little Debbies for that matter). If you get motivated, click the Search button at top of the page and type in DRAKES. Should give ya hours of good reading.
Filet Mignon
RE: Drakes snacks 2007/03/10 03:31:56
Oh, Repat! You have those awful coconut Tastycake pies my husband loves! I'll be contacting you when his birthday rolls around!