"Almost Home" cookies

2006/08/29 17:24:19
I haven't seen these in years--I remember liking them in the '80s, especially their peanut butter and sugar cookies.
Were they made by one of the big cookie giants? (Keebler, Nabisco, Sunshine)? Why were they taken off the market?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: "Almost Home" cookies 2006/09/06 14:58:00
I don't know,maybe they didn't sel so well.It's really hard to say why,if they don't sell,then companies will stop production like with Keebler's tortilla snacks.They were triangles made of flour torillas and baked or fried.I liked them,but they quit production.
Also,Jello for a limited time made Strawberry Daquiri,Pina Colada and Marguerita flavoured Jello gelatin.No booze in it.It was test marketed in certain areas,unfortunately not here.I hope they bring them back.Just like I enjoyed their Peach Passionfruit Jello,and the Mango Jello.