Lamb Vindaloo

2006/09/04 22:35:43
If you like hot an spicy, pungent curries. It's the best!!
Sonny Funzio
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Lamb Vindaloo 2006/09/14 19:34:00
I love a really hot vindaloo ... and a hot sagwal (curried spinach dish) especially lamb sagwala.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Lamb Vindaloo 2006/09/14 19:35:17
i agree..nothing like heat with flavor.
RE: Lamb Vindaloo 2006/09/14 19:43:29
Damn, now I'm craving it!
RE: Lamb Vindaloo 2006/09/16 10:09:45
I think it was Paul Prudhomme who said that the right amount of heat is the amount that keeps you wanting to take another bite and I think that's right. It's the amount that burns but compels you to try another bite (think taco chips and hot salsa in a Mexican restaurant). I love just about all Indian food - just made a kedgeree last weekend. Fred
The Mikado
RE: Lamb Vindaloo 2007/06/12 14:11:52
I love it, too. We're going to Sitar Indian Cuisine in Huntsville tonight, where I will finish penning my review for our "Valley Planet" alternate newspaper.

Best of all, though...I like making my OWN chai. And NO vanilla.
RE: Lamb Vindaloo 2007/06/13 14:59:04
spicy indian food is my personal favorite - i love any vindaloo! spicy chickpeas cooked with onions are also wonderful when the heat is high, but balanced by the mellow chickpea and sweet onion flavors...
seafarer john
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RE: Lamb Vindaloo 2007/06/13 17:08:54
It's a small world! We just came from lunch at our local Indian Restaurant where I had the lamb vindaloo. It was pungently hot - but not too hot (like some Tex/Mex stuff) and delicious along with white rice, several condiments, and a big puffed up loaf of bread. All accompanied by tea and some kind of refreshing yogurt/ mango drink. Should have made notes because I cant remember the names of most of what we ate.

cheers, John
The Mikado
RE: Lamb Vindaloo 2007/06/13 19:06:33
That was probably Mango Lassi. I like it, and don't even LIKE mangoes...!
RE: Lamb Vindaloo 2007/08/07 23:20:29
In July of 2006 while vacationing in Durango, Colorado, my wife and I had dinner one night at a place called "Himalayan Cuisine". I ordered their lamb vindaloo - it was excellent. The service was very good and the atmosphere was pleasant - all at a reasonable price.
Poverty Pete
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RE: Lamb Vindaloo 2007/08/07 23:31:43
The best I ever found was on the lower east side of Manhattan. I couldn't begin to remember the name of the place, but there were several great Indian places nearby. No doubt some of you New Yorkers know the neighborhood.
RE: Lamb Vindaloo 2007/08/07 23:58:36
Damn! I love Indian food. Been eating it for years. We have many very good Indian restaurants in Dallas.
I used to eat Indian food in London quite often when I lived there.