Railroad Seafood Station in Cibolo

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2006/09/06 09:47:34
I saw in the local paper that a new restaraunt in opening in Cibolo
in the former Pat's Place.Supposedly the new Railroad Seafood Station is owned by a restaraunt from Corpus Christi and will mainly be serving seafood. Only seafood you can get around here is Long John Silver's or at the chinese places.
So I'll let you know if the place is any good.I may wait until they are open for a while to try it.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Railroad Seafood Station in Cibolo 2006/09/08 02:16:49
So where the heck is Cibolo?

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Railroad Seafood Station in Cibolo 2006/09/11 12:23:30
Cibolo is on Texas Farm to Market Road 78,2 miles east of Schertz and about 22 miles east of San Antonio.It's near Randolph Air Force Base. Have'nt any idea as to what restaraunt in Corpus Christi bought the building. The town has Cataleno's Pizza,Harmon's BBQ and the Cibolo Bakery,all three
road food places,all on the main street of town.It's a small town,but there is a new high school,Steele out there and lots of new houses across from the school. In fact on FM1103 which runs past the school and up to I 35 North,there are more housing developments going in all the time.
and there are some plans to put in a strip mall out in the area.
The area was rural for a long time,but is building up fast.Another road food place is Goerke's.
It is on Weyel Road and is out in the country.They serve hamburgers,steaks and other things. Family owned place.They have various lunch specials like roast beef with veggies,etc.
See people from the base there as well as linemen for GVEC,the electric co-op,cunstruction guys, farmers,etc. Harmon's and i think Cataleno's may have websites.I'll have to check for the bakery and Goerke's.Mike,yahoo maps and mapquest can show you the town's location. There is i believe a website for the city of Cibolo too. These might be places to check out if your'e in the San Antonio area.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Railroad Seafood Station in Cibolo 2006/09/11 12:56:32
Couldn't find a website for Catalano's(not Cataleno's).But I found one for Nanci's Cibolo Bakery.
www.cibiolobakery.com which plans to have online ordering soon.www.harmonsbbq.com or www.harmons.com for Harmon's BBQ.