2006/09/07 01:48:24
What is the general consensus of Poutine---French fries, cheese curds and gravy? Can be found in the Canadian province of Ontario in all restaurants as well as fast food establishments.
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RE: Poutine--Canada 2006/09/07 15:42:53
Poutine is absolutely delicious!!! It is one of the best comfort foods ever. I sure miss it here in the States.

Here is a link with a little history. I know there are many skeptics, but don't knock it until you try it.

RE: Poutine--Canada 2006/09/07 17:58:16
You can find Poutine in pretty much every province. Ontario and Quebec happen to be the have the majority of Canadian cheese producers. Restaurants there have better access to quality cheese curds which make a big difference to the poutine. I believe Burger King across Canada carries poutine- I think they use grated cheese rather than cheese curds. I prefer my poutine with homemade fries and homemade gravy. Chez Ashton in Quebec makes decent fast food poutine though.