Tender Marinaded Roast I found at Costco

2006/09/12 01:22:33
Tonight I roasted a pre-marinaded tri-tip roast I found at Costco called Morton's of Omaha Steakhouse Classic Tri-Tip. It was really good! They were sampling the meat on the day I went shopping there and it tasted good grilled so that's when I bought it. However, my husband cleaned and neatly stored away our nice new shiney "Silver Edition" Weber BBQ grill that we used only ONCE in the last 8 months since we bought it. So I roasted the meat in the oven. It was very soft and juicy, and very tasty. There is papaya enzymes in the marinade to tenderize the meat. It has a slight tangy seasoning, just the right amount of flavoring. It is sold in the refrigerator section in a vacuum sealed pack. You gotta try it!
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RE: Tender Marinaded Roast I found at Costco 2006/09/12 16:30:06
Sounds good, but what's the sodium content? That's what always keeps me from buying pre-marinated meats.
RE: Tender Marinaded Roast I found at Costco 2006/09/14 23:07:52
What is considered high? The sodium content is 520 mg per 4 oz. serving. I imagine you could reduce the sodium by rinsing off the marinade before grilling.