Thick Pizza!!!!!

Double Cheeseburger
2006/09/16 17:39:13
Theres this place that used to sell 1.5" think pizza (or something like that) and it was the best pizza i ever had!!

Then over the years its gotton thinner and its not nearly as good Even when i ask them to double up the dough it doesnt seem as thick They are owned by different ppl now,so........
Junior Burger
RE: Thick Pizza!!!!! 2008/05/16 20:53:34
Yup, I know exactly what you mean.. where I grew up (east burbs of Detroit, Macomb County) there is a chain of 'party stores' - Buscemi's Pizza and Subs.. BEST sicilian pizza I ever had! They sold it by the slice, which was so convenient.. recently I went back and found that they had totally re-branded their pizza and it was nothing like it used to be. I just can't imagine for the life of me why companies change what works and what their customers have come to love and expect?? They all do it.. not some.. all! grrrrr...