ice cream flavor

Junior Burger
2006/09/17 12:00:48
Has Giffords ever had Frozen Pudding ice cream? It is a flavor that seems to be native to MAssachusetts. It has some Orange and Rum flavor to it. It is very hard to find. The Crescent Ridge dairy of Sharon,MA has it. I have had it at there drive up stand in Sharon. If someone knows more about this flavor of ice cream lmk.
Junior Burger
RE: ice cream flavor 2006/09/17 12:38:34
I found this about White's Farm in Ipswich,MA which answers my question about Frozen Pudding ice cream.
Reviewers Writeup
A regional taste recently made its first appearance on our Roadfood radar, at White Farms Ice Cream in Ipswich. One of their flavors is called Frozen Pudding, which we assumed was some sort of chocolate pudding-pop-like flavor. We didn't try any. Then we saw it on other Eastern Massachusetts ice cream rosters so, curiosity piqued, we finally asked someone about it. We learned that it's a Christmas-like rum-raisin-assorted fruit ice cream (we're not certain, but we think the fruit is dried or candied, and includes maraschino cherries, pineapple, peaches and apples). Why is it called Frozen Pudding? We did a little internet investigation when we got home, and discovered it was a very common flavor in Eastern Massachusetts, and is found virtually nowhere else. Seems to be popular among a mostly older crowd. Sure wish we had tried some! Next time, for sure.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: ice cream flavor 2006/09/22 12:22:03
Frozen pudding is an old flavor which I believe was once popular through much of New England. The concept is that it is flavored much like an old-fashioned English style pudding, with dried fruits (maybe nuts, too) and booze, usually rum. typically the base is a rich, sometimes eggy vanilla. Think a very rich rum raisin ice cream with currants, citron, etc. Newport Creamery in Rhode Island used to carry it, at least around the holidays. Don't know if they still do. I recall seeing it when I was a kid at one or more ice cream stands in New Hampshire.

I live in Sharon and I may have to check out Crescent Ridge's version. Thanks for the tip.