Greenwood's in Roswell Ga

Junior Burger
2006/09/19 15:05:50
How this place has failed to make the list for Georgia restaurants remains a mystery of the cosmos. most i talk to think this is like dining then dying Southern Style because of it freshly and creatively prepared items.

does anyone know differently? will someone please review, take photos and submit to roadfood so the world will know about this place?

Hank of California
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Greenwood's in Roswell Ga 2006/09/19 16:34:53
When were you there? I visited about a year and a half ago based on a newspaper recommendation - it was good, but not of the cosmic variety as you mentioned. I may have to check it out again. Usually if we dine in Roswell, we end up at Van Gogh's or Swallow at the Hollow.