Seasonal Ice Cream

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2006/09/20 18:06:28
Seasonal Ice Cream

Here they come, the first of the seasonal ice creams to usher in autumn and the Winter Holidays! I plucked the first arrival out of the frozen food case, today: Ben & Jerry's American Pie, consisting of apple pie ice cream with apples and pie crust pieces. Along with some Walkers shortbread, it is my designated dessert tonight.

What "seasonals" have arrived at your market? Which ones do you look forward to? What are your general thoughts about "seasonals?"
RE: Seasonal Ice Cream 2006/09/20 18:39:00
This may be a left-over from summer but i found a pint of HagganDaas Pineapple-Coconut last week end and it was sooo good.

I've also tried their Raisin-Rum (sounds like for autumn) and I love that too.

The "super-apple-pie" icecream you mention sounds devine.
Filet Mignon
RE: Seasonal Ice Cream 2006/09/26 01:41:39
Even Baskin Robbins has a nice Apple Pie ice cream.
Filet Mignon
RE: Seasonal Ice Cream 2006/09/26 01:44:48
Oh, I was just thinking about one of those ice cream shops that makes special cakes and makes a "turkey" ice cream for the holidays. (wierd but true). Like a large ice cream ball for the buoy and two cones for the drumsticks! Now which store is it?
Junior Burger
RE: Seasonal Ice Cream 2006/12/19 03:08:44
If you can find it in your local grocery, Turkey Hill makes a special flavor called "Party Cake". It's vanilla ice cream swirled with buttercream icing and colored cake pieces. Very festive, especially for a child's birthday party!!!! Talk about "having your cake and eating it too!"