Manning Farm Dairy/NE Pa.

Fire Safety Admin
2006/10/03 10:17:19
I spent a couple of nights in Scranton, Pa. over the weekend, using it as a jumping off point to hit a few classic Roadfood spots and go to the Syracuse football game. Anyway, across from my hotel, in a strip mall, was a little ice cream shop called Manning Farm Dairy. So both nights, I tried a couple of scoops, which I thought were very good. Not great, but very good, with the butterscotch and black raspberry being the standouts. What really struck me was the huge variety of flavors I had to choose from. There had to be at least 40.

After I got home, I looked them up and found that they are a small chain with four stores in the area. Has anyone else tried them? What do you think?
Filet Mignon
RE: Manning Farm Dairy/NE Pa. 2006/10/03 10:53:27
I've met Paul, the owner. He's a great guy, takes it very seriously, and is proud of his ice cream. He's not out to compete in the super-premium arena; he wants to make the best regular ice cream you can get.

I like their ice cream. It's a good, honest flavorful product. You'll never get a bad mix, it is very consistent.

Fire Safety Admin
RE: Manning Farm Dairy/NE Pa. 2006/10/03 11:16:38
Thanks for the reply! I'm glad to hear that the owner is a nice guy and I'm always happy to see people like that succeed. He should be proud of his business. On the wall of the place they had pictures of the actual farm itself, advertising for tours. It looked rather interesting and I might do that next time I am in the area.