"spanish rice" recipie

2006/10/05 10:54:42
hi there...now that the fall weather is finally here in nyc I decided to make a quick one pot rice dish. I used aborio rice and instead of water, i used a cup of stock and a cup of canned tomato sauce (hunts). sauteed some green peppers, onion, celery and sauteed some chicken tenders too...covered and simmered for 20 min and was it tasty!!! even the fiance had seconds! not a usual occurance!
anyone else have some one pot recipies?
RE: "spanish rice" recipie 2006/10/05 16:47:05
I use any type of yellow rice mix, and add a can of mexican style stewed tomatoes, and some diced onion. Sometimes I add bell pepper, like you do.
I then serve it with black beans.
RE: "spanish rice" recipie 2006/10/05 18:07:59
Liptons makes a good spanish rice that I use allot. Then I add stuff like Roossy said. It comes in a bag.
big g in joisey
RE: "spanish rice" recipie 2006/10/27 20:20:03
Had a delicious spanish rice dish,with all of the above mentioned,in addition this restaurant added spainsh olives with the pimento,during cooking and extra on top of the rice after as well.
RE: "spanish rice" recipie 2006/10/27 20:49:01
If you like it zesty, then add a can of Rotel to it instead of stewed tomatoes.