Mercado de la Sierra

2006/10/07 10:17:25
Stunningly good, terrifyingly good... 1445 Shaw Ave, Suite 118, in Clovis CA. A dollar will buy you a snack-size taco, filled with carnitas, carne azada, or chile colorado that's like the Platonic ideal for pot roast, bathed in a moderately spicy red sauce, or in a green sauce that's wonderfully incendiary. You can get huge burritos at $4 apiece, but the rice and beans add nothing; it's better just to buy several tacos.

There's a good selection of sodas, both US and Mexican brands in the refrigerator, fresh tamarindo available at the hot food counter, and a few kinds of Mexican sweets by the check-out.
Filet Mignon
RE: Mercado de la Sierra 2006/10/07 13:55:24
Thank you for that Wendy62. The next time I'm in Sanger, consider me there. That would be Shaw and what cross street?

I agree with you about rice and beans in a burrito. I won't order one unless I can order it all meat.

I hope they have fresh horchata.
RE: Mercado de la Sierra 2006/10/18 18:51:08
In terms of cross-streets, it's about 1/2 block East of Sunnyside, and a little hard to find, between a Toys R Us and an Officemax. You really will be pleased if you go.

Although I do have to confess they haven't had any fresh beverages available besides tamarindo any of the times I've been there. I prefer horchata myself; perhaps if enough of us were to ask?