lesson learned

2006/10/16 16:29:13
I learned you should never use hickory wood when grilling shrimp.
the Hickory wood was great for salmon, steaks and sausages this past summer. But, while the texture of the shrimp came out absolutely perfect, the shrimp really sucked up the hickory flavor just too much. It had the perfect texture of grilled shrimp, but it tasted like wood - keeping in mind I had used a rub on the shrimp AND had a tomato alfredo sauce. Neither the rub nor the sauce cut the wood flavor down. The shrimp completely soaked up the wood flavor and let it overpower everything else.
I killed two pounds of shrimp in this disaster.
Learn from my mistake. Don't ever grill shrimp using hickory wood. From now it, it's gas grilling or in the frying pan for me!
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: lesson learned 2006/10/16 17:03:38
Please,oh please explain what a tomato alfredo sauce might be.
RE: lesson learned 2006/10/16 17:12:44
it's an alfredo sauce, and I chuck in some tomatos. It's just a simple alfredo sauce. Nothing crazy - cheeses, cream, butter, salt, pepper. I like to add some garlic I've toasted on occasion. This time I added in some tomatoes.
The sauce was for the pasta that the shrimp were sitting on top of.
RE: lesson learned 2006/10/16 17:42:34
Making some gumbo outa that shrimp mighta worked? Maybe not.

I'll have to try that tomato alfredo sauce, sounds good! It probably has some Itialian name.