Help for mello rolls?

Junior Burger
2006/10/17 21:25:15
Hey everyone. My mom told me when she was a kid there used to be these things called mello rolls. They sound great. They were ice cream rolls that you had to manuver into a cylindrical cone or something like that. Anyone know if they are still available? I'd like to try one myself and I would love to be able to get them for my parents as they seemed to really love them. I also posted another topic on Bullwinkle Bars. Anyone remember those? They were an 80's fudge bar shaped like bullwinkle, but they were really dense and fudgy. My mom would by them from Pathmark and Waulbaums (Brooklyn NY). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
ann peeples
RE: Help for mello rolls? 2006/10/17 21:28:04
I know the ice cream section at my store has ice cream cake rolls..
Junior Burger
RE: Help for mello rolls? 2006/12/29 00:55:24
My late father worked for HIS father at Jones Beach, where Mello Rolls were sold. Here's a link to Dad's answer to a similar question on Chowhound: