Exmore Diner, Eastern Shore, VA

2006/10/19 12:54:54
Ok, for all you folks who ask about the Eastern Shore/Delmarva Penisula...

We were birdwatching with a club last weekend and broke off to do some antiquing and try the Exmore Diner.


Aside from the cigarette smoke, I highly recommend the place - hand cut french fries, shakes two people can share, excellent crab cake (different from MD. style, but good!) and swelling toads!
Swelling toads? Did she says "swelling toads!?" What the heck are "swelling toads?" I asked the same question. Turns out they are the cheek potion of the local puffer fish (not poisonous like the Japanese one). They are fried like shrimp and are about the smal size, but are a white delicatly flavor fish.

Adventures in eating.

John from Pa.
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RE: Exmore Diner, Eastern Shore, VA 2006/10/20 21:39:09
We haven't been there, but it's good to know that there's a good diner along Rt. 13 - we miss The Owl in Parksley which apparently is closed along with the next door motel. It wasn't much to look at, but great breakfasts & lunches. We stopped one trip on the way to Duck, NC and all the locals were there for Saturday lunch, all the men wearing caps, all stopping to see non-locals stopping in. On the trip home we stopped for Sunday lunch, and found they were serving Sunday dinner, great seafood platters, no lunch items, and it was a whole different crowd, dressed up for dinner after church. Such is life in a small town diner, too bad it's gone.

Speaking of the eastern shore, has anyone ever eaten a seafood dinner at the restaurant at the Cheapeake bay Bridge Tunnel out on the 'island' at the rest stop on the last leg before Virginia Beach? The seafood menu looks good, and it should be fresh (the fishing pier is there) but I have a feeling we'd be very dissappointed. But it's usually busy. We've only had the free iced tea they used to give a coupon for when you paid the toll.
Any good - or horror - stories?
RE: Exmore Diner, Eastern Shore, VA 2006/10/26 10:13:47
I think I have something to eat there, but can't remember it. Should tell you something. The hot chocolate is adequate. I bought a really neat mug with bird on it.

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RE: Exmore Diner, Eastern Shore, VA 2006/10/26 19:50:29
So how are the crab cakes different from Maryland style? I only know MD style.
RE: Exmore Diner, Eastern Shore, VA 2006/10/31 12:27:28
I was wondering when someone would ask this question.

First they were flater than I've had C.C. in MD.
They seem to contain crab from all the crab, not just the backfin, so they were "flakey" rather than "lumpy".
They had a different seasoning mix - more green bits - parsley or green onion, maybe? They looked like they were cooked on the griddle they did the burgers on. They were a bit dark, but not burned.

Hope this answers you question.