Best weekend ever!

Junior Burger
2006/10/22 20:03:19

This past weekend my SnoBiz cart had it's best weekend since opening in early August! It's not exactly like we're all that profitable yet, but "best" is "best.
Lately we've decided to open early on Saturdays. I've got a new approach to reeling in cutomers that I've already posted earlier: We almost continuously grill Red Onions and/or fry Bacon!
I'm a bit of a salesman/"barker", so that helps too. Since my supplier was unexpectedly closed Friday, I was unable to buy enough 'dogs to get us throogh the weekend. We SOLD OUT of 'Dogs late Sunday! I'm actually proud. I'm hoping things keep getting better; we got off to a slow start. My wife and I are optimistic now.

PS: Thanks to so many people here at the Forum for ideas and encouragement; our journey's just starting.
RE: Best weekend ever! 2006/10/23 10:06:01
every benchmark in a new business is important. Congratulations.
Filet Mignon
RE: Best weekend ever! 2006/10/23 12:55:52
Congratulations! The 4th quarter(October-December)in retail has always been strong for us in the hot dog business, especially from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas. Enjoy the next two months and ride the wave until Christmas. Be prepared for the Friday after Thanksgiving and the last two weekends before Christmas. Better to have too much product, than not enough. If the temps stay in the 50's, cold drinks continue to sell. Once in the 40's, people are more interested in hot food.

RE: Best weekend ever! 2006/10/23 16:11:16

Glad to hear it!

We did pretty well on our first setup at the Home Depot here, despite the bad weather.

Tex Grill
Junior Burger
RE: Best weekend ever! 2006/10/23 22:00:34

Chicagostyledog, the mgr at Home Depot tells me that December is actually BAD for them! I was expecting to hear him tell me that December would be great guns; go figure.
Texgrill, we're having lovely weather up here in the Shreveport area. We've decided to stay closed on Mondays; business is s-l-o-w on Monday. Good luck!


PS: the HD mgr told me that we just need to hang in there until late Feb/early March, then thigns will really speed up.
Filet Mignon
RE: Best weekend ever! 2006/10/24 20:08:29
Larry, some of the slowest weekends at the mall(for the stores), were the busiest for us at the cart. Sometimes, there's no rhyme or reason to the mobile food service business.

Hope for the best, expect the worst/Life is a play, we're unrehearsed.

-Mel Brooks