Long Island Mexican?

Filet Mignon
2006/10/24 22:29:31
As more Mexicans and other Hispanics are moving on to Long Island (there was a recent article in NY Magazine about racial tensions on the Hamptons between teen "Bonakers" - original settlers - and new immigrants who work in the service industry) I was wondering if (in spite of these tensions) there are any good Mexican eateries developing "on the Island"?
Junior Burger
RE: Long Island Mexican? 2006/12/07 23:55:45
Try La Hacienda on Jagger La. in Southampton...it's amazing for the low price
Junior Burger
RE: Long Island Mexican? 2006/12/11 10:50:32
This post prompted me to join.

One other place to try on the "east" end of LI is Funcho's. The original is in Riverhead with the 2nd in Westhampton Beach. I think the original is better. Its more tex-mex[i think] buts its pretty good
RE: Long Island Mexican? 2006/12/30 00:13:37
Los Compadres behind the IHOP on Broadhollow Road in Melville is great- small homey place- they have Mexican sodas, tongue and Chorizo tacos- everything is freshly made and great.