Sams Cub steaks

sk bob
Double Chili Cheeseburger
2006/10/26 22:29:21
at the Sams club in Berlin,Ct they muust have a great butcher, the ribe eyes are 2"thick, the strips are the same with good marblizing and they taste great.
any other Sams clubs can make this claim?
RE: Sams Cub steaks 2006/10/27 09:06:27
I've been to and purchased steaks at Sam's clubs in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Florida and their steaks have generally all been great. Sometimes they are too thick, though, but then my wife and I just share one steak when they are too large (actually, the thicker the steak, the tastier it is). All their steaks are "choice" grade and very good -- better than most, but not all, butcher's in my area that I've been too. Can't beat Sam's prices and quality. Occasionally they sell "prime" grade meat, but it is quickly taken up by customers when they do so. Costco's is good also, but we have a slight preference for Sam's meats as we've had such great success with their products.
RE: Sams Cub steaks 2006/10/27 11:57:33
I am a VERY enthusiastic purchaser of bulk meats in cryopacs from various Sam's clubs. I have bought them from Sam's clubs in:
Indianapolis, IN
Memphis, TN
Augusta, GA
Baltimore, MD
Beaumont, TX
Peoria, AZ

I have never had anything but a great steak from Sam's Club - they are much, much better than the horrible Tyson's steaks that you buy at Walmart.
John A
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RE: Sams Cub steaks 2006/10/27 17:43:55
I totally agree about Sam’s meats. Here, they sell Choice at the same prices as Wal-Mart and the supermarkets charge for un-graded meats.

sk bob
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RE: Sams Cub steaks 2006/10/28 10:54:16
I agree with you about the Wal-Mart steaks, they don't look appitizing at all.
John A
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RE: Sams Cub steaks 2006/10/31 06:50:18
I like Wal-Mart but stopped buying their meat years ago when they brought it in prepackaged. I tried a package of chopped meat for burgers, when I went to clean the grill there was a mass of gellatin like substance in the bottom. I have no idea what it was but I never have bought meat from Wal-Mart since.

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RE: Sams Cub steaks 2006/12/15 11:56:56
not for nothin' but sams club is owned by walmart
Poverty Pete
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RE: Sams Cub steaks 2006/12/15 13:04:51
Walmart? You mean that evil corporation that wants all of its employees to work for starvation wages? The worst company on the planet ( except for Halliburton, of course)?
John A
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RE: Sams Cub steaks 2006/12/15 14:24:14
Not to hijack the thread but.

Our starting wages are $8.50 – $10.00 per hour with full benefits after 90 days, most of our Christmas bonuses this year range from $200.00-$500.00. I am constantly advertising for people in the local newspaper and on our reader board, as are many of the other hotels around here. We have three super Wal-Marts and four of the new concept neighborhood Wal-Marts within 20 minutes of my house.

I do not understand why none of those Wal-Mart employees have ever applied for a position with us in the nine years that I have been here, to the contrary, I had a person leave us and go to them?


Art Deco
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RE: Sams Cub steaks 2006/12/15 14:39:10
I've never been that fond of Cub steaks...
Michael Hoffman
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RE: Sams Cub steaks 2006/12/15 14:47:27
Originally posted by pogophiles

I've never been that fond of Cub steaks...

Well, you do have to make certain you've trimmed all the fat from them before cooking. Bear cub fat is really terrible.
RE: Sams Cub steaks 2006/12/15 14:58:16
I was thinkin more of Lion cubs. I love cats to much to eat them though.
RE: Sams Cub steaks 2006/12/17 19:40:21
We rarely buy steaks – actually we never buy steaks. Just don’t eat that much beef anymore. We do buy hamburger, and we always get it at Sam’s. We get the patties and freeze them two per pack.

The patties are thick, and they have a very short expiration date. But the meat is so good that I have the feeling they grind good cuts of steak about to go bad into these patties.

We do buy a lot of pork at Sam’s. We buy the two-pack of pork butts to cube for green chili stew. If the roasts are boned, I cut all the meat off except for that attached to the bone. I cook them as a roast.

What we buy most are pork tenderloins. Pork has been up in price lately, but we can usually find them for $3 a pound or less. In my opinion, that is an excellent buy. I would rather eat grilled tenderloin that I would beef, especially served with Rothschild’s horseradish sauce.

I bought some baby back ribs this week at Sams for $3 per. I BBQ’ed then this afternoon, and, mmmmmm, they were sue-poib!