frozen raviolis

Double Cheeseburger
2006/10/29 23:53:29
I've always preferred the frozen raviolis that come in a box,50 to a box in 2 sheets of 25 that you have to break apart.. I like them better than freshly made. Jimmy's in Dallas use to carry them but they don't since they rebuilt. Does anyone know where I can order them?
RE: frozen raviolis 2006/11/09 21:25:11
Pretty sure you can buy these in your local grocery store. Walmart has them and I think Sam's Club also.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: frozen raviolis 2006/11/09 23:01:02
nope, the ones in Walmarts etc. are loose in a bag. ok tasting but the ones I described are much better tasting. The Ricotta filling has more of an homemade Italian flavoring and the pasta is thinner.
Tony Bad
Fire Safety Admin
RE: frozen raviolis 2006/11/10 07:55:10
I have noticed several brands I used to get locally that used to come in the box as you describe, are now bagged. Wonder why the change. There is a local shop that sells thru mail but they only seem to ship their specialty products...and shipping is quite pricey!

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: frozen raviolis 2006/11/10 08:41:19

I am looking for a lobster ravioli. A recent topic about lobster rolls (butter vs mayo)had me buying and making one. Using the remaining shell, I made a lobster stock and reduction. After this was done the idea of making a meal using a lobster/seafood ravioli appealed to me. I suspect that this will be a hard item to find.

I have always looked at the Buitoni products and wondered about about something. My thought involves why there is no fresh lasagna sheets coupled with how great it would be if there -were- larger sheets for making pappardelle or home-made raviolis.
I don't have a pasta machine/roller and I guess that I could go the rolling pin method.

ann peeples
RE: frozen raviolis 2006/11/10 09:04:47
doggydaddy-I have found lobster ravioli at our italian delis.Do you have those in your neck of the woods?
RE: frozen raviolis 2006/11/10 16:40:33
Most Italian specialty stores carry fresh pasta sheets suitable for making ravioli, canneloni, lasagne, etc. This should be easy enough to find in CT. I will be in Pittsburgh for 10 days and look forward to visiting one of my favorites.... Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.
RE: frozen raviolis 2006/11/10 16:47:25
Hey Tryme, we are almost neighbors! I'm born and raised in Dallas but now live at beautifull, when thers not a drought, Lake Tawakoni.

I hope this question gets answered cause I love a good ravioli!
RE: frozen raviolis 2006/11/21 18:30:27
Originally posted by doggydaddy

I am looking for a lobster ravioli.

Venda Ravioli in Providence's famed "Federal Hill" has an online store where you can order some jumbo lobster ravioli:

I've had some of the regular ravioli from here and it was excellent.

curried bluebonnet
RE: frozen raviolis 2007/01/20 15:24:40
Both of those links look like they have some wonderful types of ravioli, especially the lobster ones. Has anyone ever ordered pumpkin or squash ravioli/tortellini frozen? I experimented making some using wonton skins as the pasta and pumpkin puree as a filling with a sage brown butter sauce--yummy, but I would love info on a commercially prepared product when I am lazy!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: frozen raviolis 2007/01/20 16:28:32
Hello All,
We get frozen cheese ravioli at Costco. Sorry, don't know the brand name. Just checked our
freezer and the wife put them in our freezer bags. But she makes a meaty spaghetti sauce
for me and pours it over the cheese ravioli. I love them that way, the meat and cheese go
together just right for me.
She eats them with no sauce at all.
Take Care,
The Mikado
RE: frozen raviolis 2007/06/12 13:58:39
Check some of the Italian markets on The Hill in St. should be able to access a few of them on the web.

I'm sure some of them do mail order biz. And they do have various prepped pastas in the freezer sections, as I myself have proof in my freezer at home...including already-breaded raviolis (raviolae?) waiting to be "toasted."