Low and Slow

Fire Safety Admin
2006/10/31 17:06:31
My daughter called me today and informed me that she had cooked at 6 lb chuck roast overnight at 200F for about 8 hours. It was reported that it was juicy and tender with lots of flavor. I had informed her of this technique several months ago and this is the first time she had used it.

Just wanted to share.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
RE: Low and Slow 2006/10/31 17:12:08
I'll salute that technique ... even with turkey or chicken
RE: Low and Slow 2006/11/07 16:24:19
Do you tent foil over it?
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Low and Slow 2006/11/08 08:48:22
I do mine overnight in the crockpot, along with some onions, dry sherry, garlic and beef base (the kind in the jar.) When it's falling apart, I take it out, shred it, de-fat the stock and marinate it in that. Freeze it in pint containers, whatever we didn't eat at dinner. Instant French dip. I did do it in the oven like that, but discovered I get the same result in the crockpot. Either way, the kitchen smells mighty good the next morning.