Milwaukee's Fiesta Garibaldi

Filet Mignon
2006/11/02 22:24:03
Skirting the mini-excitement the original thread descended into, I hope it's OK to get back on track to the original post. We stopped at the Johnson Creek location but it was closed. I confess to not being blown away from most the dishes served by Fiesta Garibaldi (Milwaukee has a pretty large number of excellent Mexican restaurants) but they do have one location on Milwaukee's mostly Hispanic south side that specializes in serving seafood (they have 4 locations).
Mariscos Seafood Fiesta Garibaldi
821 W. Lincoln AVE
Milwaukee, WI 53215
Phone: (414) 645-4552

Al Charro Negro is one of the best
I do believe the restaurants are named for the famous plaza in Mexico City.
Another fine dish is the Mojarra Empanizada
RE: Milwaukee's Fiesta Garibaldi 2006/11/02 23:23:22
Dang that looks good!