Claudette Cometh

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2003/07/14 10:24:32
As I was checking my "Hurricane Box" yesterday, I wondered what kind of supplies others lay in according to their regions and potential disatsters, like floods, nor'easters, and various plagues and pestilence one might face.

My box is rather sad. Spam, Carr's table water crackers, Cheez Wiz, Tuna, Triscuits, water and more water, and of course emergency rations of adult beverage and bags of ice.

What's in your box?

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RE: Claudette Cometh 2003/07/14 13:32:09
Years ago.....when I lived in the center or earthquake country-------I found the perfect survival food. It consisted of all the cans of Weight Watcher's food that I refused to eat otherwise. Sure enough it came in handy after the '94 earthquake, cooked on my camping stove!
RE: Claudette Cometh 2003/07/14 15:31:50
My Disaster Supplies revolve around retort-packed tuna (and jars of mayo and pickles, ry-krisp, a bottle of vitamins, canned Tonic Water and a bottle of vodka (emergency disinfectant, don'tcha know), and various condiments, because I generally have good things to eat in the freezer and a grill, so in the event of anything where there's a power loss, I'll just start having a big old cookout.

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RE: Claudette Cometh 2003/07/14 16:28:49
A holdover from living within 10 miles of the San Andreas Fault in SoCal...and now a defense against Tornado and storm power loss etc etc. We have two cases of MRE's in storage. With a 10 year life span..and 4 of them still to go there are 24 meals with all the "Thanksgiving" trimings Now if I can get my wife to swap her BBQ Pork and Noodles for my Ham Omelet...
10 gallons of water, 1 case of beer,(rotating stock so brands change with the Market Price)... Some bathroom supplies, and my three --3-- Autographed bottles of MAKER'S MARK.
Oh yeah..a bunch of candles and matchs, road flares, 10 gallons of gas (for the tractor) enough firewood and charcoal to roast any beasts provided by nature in the disaster.
I am considering a bicycle-powered generator so that the wife can keep the beer cold while doing her daily workouts..over and over and over.
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RE: Claudette Cometh 2003/07/14 17:08:37
Eric - Vodka sounds like a great all-around, all-purpose good idea! I wish I would have had some after Alicia in 83. We were newlyweds and fled our apartment to stay with my parents who HAD electricity for two weeks.

We forgot to take the fish out of the freezer before we left.

Mayor, I think you are the most prepared person I know. Is the Maker's Mark to drink during the disaster, or is it a treasure?

Waiting for the wind...
mayor al
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RE: Claudette Cometh 2003/07/14 18:06:42
Lone Star
At this point the Maker's Mark are collectibles
...but In case of emergency, anything goes!!

Our best wishes and hopes for your safety is/are extended to any of the group who are affected by this storm.
RE: Claudette Cometh 2003/07/14 19:41:24
Living in earthquake country for almost 20 years, I am always prepared. I have everything.........NOT! I actually have nothing set aside for emergencies. I do have a RV to live in, if it survives the "Big One." I look at it this way, If I have everything and someone else doesn't, they will probably try to take it or Kill me for it. If we can drive, we will leave! If not, we will hope for the best.
RE: Claudette Cometh 2003/07/14 21:54:22
Well, seeing as how the worst disasters we ever get here in VT (so far anywhere) are blizzards and ice storms which typically don't freeze us out (pun intended) of power for more than a couple of days, and further seeing as how I'm a manager with 24-hour-access at a large natural foods co-op/grocery store that is 4 blocks from my apartment -- I don't hoard or save much of anything. Guess I'm lucky. Oh, and my apartment is tiny, so I wouldn't stock up much anyway.
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RE: Claudette Cometh 2003/07/15 12:36:55
Why don't you consider the theme of the thread before you begin to post anything. This is not a forum for personal attacks and inane comments . Your comments about my family are not appreciated.
Perhaps I need to be a bit more direct. GO AWAY, Little One. There are forums for child-development exercises. Why don't you toddle over to one of them?
RE: Claudette Cometh 2003/07/15 12:40:09
Originally posted by Gebbs
Maybe your wife ought stuff you in the freezer and sell your cubes in the Independence Day Parade... What are you smoking dude..... take your white robe off and pray your wife doesn't leave you.

You will not win many friends nor influence many people if you insist on hinting that one of our most prolific posters deserves to be murdered, or abandoned, or that he may be in the Klan. What's more he posted nothing to warrant this sort of response, whether you meant it as a joke, or not. I wonder what color your robe, is, Gebbsy, as Grand Exalted Cyclops of the Kook Klux Klan.
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RE: Claudette Cometh 2003/07/15 15:14:27
Living in Florida about 90 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico we have some threats when hurricanes approach. Having 2 children, my Mom INSISTED on us having an emergency box(what's left of it anyway!). It consists of: mayo, crackers, Slim Jim's, pimento cheese(pleeeease Mom!)2 liters of Pepsi, batteries, syrofoam cups, bottle water, peanut butter, jelly, cereal, cookies, etc. Most has been rotated once or twice. Can't seem to get my daughter out of the Pepsi! Good luck in Texas!
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RE: Claudette Cometh 2003/07/15 16:20:37
We get both Hurricanes & snow storms here on the Mason-Dixon Line - Aren't we lucky? The best of both worlds!! My freezer always has a good supply of soup, chili, charro beans, veggies & meats to keep me going. Like Mr Mayor, if the electric goes I'd just have a big 'que for the neighbors.