Hostess Fig Bars

Junior Burger
2006/11/10 16:29:33
does anyone know if Hostess makes their fig bars? I stumbled upon these at a local Hostess outlet store years ago and was blown away. They were the best fig bars I'd ever had. Far better than Fig Newtons. Sadly, the outlet store closed and I've never been able to find them again. I was just curious if these were still being made.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Hostess Fig Bars 2006/11/11 01:58:23
I've never even heard of these. Are they available nationwide? I'd love to try some.
RE: Hostess Fig Bars 2006/11/11 09:50:31
I searched but all I could find is little debbie fig bars maybe you'll find the ones you are talking about someday I hate finding a product I love and then they take it off the market or the store stops selling it its so frustrating!!