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Junior Burger
2006/11/17 01:45:28
Junior Burger
RE: Best Pies 2006/11/17 01:51:55
Originally posted by Iowacafegal


Let talk about the Best Pies, Voted the Best Apple Pie in PHX Times 2006 The Iowa Cafe Gotta Love that one ,A Big Thank you to Ruth & Shirly the Pie Bakers.( Two of the Best Pie Bakers around and Both are True Blue Iowa Gals.
The True Blue Iowa Cafe Gal Pam
John A
Filet Mignon
RE: Best Pies 2006/11/17 06:45:13
How about a chicken pot pie, I love them.

mr chips
Filet Mignon
RE: Best Pies 2006/11/17 07:48:51
The San Diego Chicken Pie Shop had some of the best chicken pot pie I have ever eater. And the strawberry pie was wonderful.
ann peeples
RE: Best Pies 2006/11/17 07:59:16
We have a monastery near by called Holy Hill-they have a tiny cafe where most things are homemade.The "Fruits of the forest" pie is the single most delicious pie I have ever eaten.It is made with strawberries,blackberries,raspberries,apples and rhubarb.I am actually going to order one for my Thanksgiving table...