Chicken vs. turkey

Filet Mignon
2006/11/20 11:40:34
With Thanksgiving coming, I was wondering, how much do you think chicken and turkey are alike? Would you substitute one for the other in recipes? Some recipes? Why or why not?
RE: Chicken vs. turkey 2006/11/20 18:01:57
To me turkey has an entirely different taste from chicken. It also has a different texture; to me it's more stringy. Perhaps in a dish that has a lot of sauce you might be able to get away with it, but if I ate it I'd notice since I love chicken and loathe turkey.
RE: Chicken vs. turkey 2006/11/20 18:55:05
I am still looking for some turkey wings so I can make some turkey hot wings.
I do think turkey and chicken are way different, like Mandalay said.

I do love smoked turkey. Sunday House makes a good one! One year we had a local BBQ place smoke a turkey for thanksgiving, and just for back up bought a Sunday House. Hmmm, Sunday House was the best.
RE: Chicken vs. turkey 2006/11/29 19:58:24
I love chicken, and hate turkey.
It would be a no brainer for me.
I dont do turkey. (unless I am trying to be polite, like the other day when my boss brought me some)
Unless it is a ""fresh"" white meat sandwich, and you know thats a rareity for a city girl.
Even then,--thats pushing it for me.
Lat time I had fresh turkey was at my Aunts farm back in 1994.
(they have turkeys running rampant on their farm)--