Breaded Mushrooms

SCCA Racer
Junior Burger
2006/11/21 17:04:23
Looking for a local place to buy breaded frozen mushrooms
(Milwaukee,Wisconsin.)My kids love these things when we eat out and I thought we could try doing some in our home fryer. Any good brands to look for? I heard "Giorgio" was excellent.
ann peeples
RE: Breaded Mushrooms 2006/11/21 17:22:25
Since you are near Trader Joes,try there.Otherwise,I am sure any Pick N Save has them...
SCCA Racer
Junior Burger
RE: Breaded Mushrooms 2006/11/21 17:28:47
Good idea. They just opened a Trader Joes here last week. Never saw them at Pickin Save but. I'll look again.
Filet Mignon
RE: Breaded Mushrooms 2006/11/22 00:22:29
Good luck getting into Trader Joe's on the weekend. We've been there three times since they opened and love the place. Those breaded frozen mushrooms are also available at Restaurant Depot in Milwaukee. When you get your restaurant license, you'll be able to purchase all your products there. Classes will resume in the spring. Take care and stay in touch.

RE: Breaded Mushrooms 2006/11/22 00:38:39
Batter fried mushrooms are MUCH better. Battered OR breaded, mushrooms are tastier cooked FRESH.
SCCA Racer
Junior Burger
RE: Breaded Mushrooms 2006/11/22 16:50:27
Yup I know about trying to get in Trader Joes. The new one that just opened in the "Bay Shore" mall was a zoo. It's only a half a mile from the house but still.
I'll be working on the program we spoke about after the 1st of the year. I have snow plow trucks and that buisness to get ready for first. I will be in touch and plan to take your course in the spring. Happy holidays to you and yours.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Breaded Mushrooms 2006/11/23 10:01:33
Hello All,
I love mushrooms. Fresh are better, but I love the frozen battered one
for when I have the munchies and just want something to tame my hunger, not
conquer it.
Take Care,
RE: Breaded Mushrooms 2006/11/23 11:42:05
Give me fried mushrooms and I will have no hunger. Dang the mushrooms; full speed ahead. We will eat our way through this mushroom field.