Christmas Jingles

Junior Burger
2006/11/22 15:44:49
Anyone know where to find the "old" Christmas jingles that were made with anise? I used to get them in Chicago but this year I only found the Butter variety. Those were my favorite!!! They look exactly like the butter ones with red and green sugar sprinkles but they taste totally different.
Sonny Funzio
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Christmas Jingles 2006/11/29 16:25:01
Commercial Christmas cookies are a pretty seasonal thing. An awful lot of companies make those jingle style cookies including keebler. As far as finding some made with anise, you'd probably have a lot of trial and error looking around for them.

Rather than knocking yourself out trying to find them, I'd suggest just making em yourself.

Make them as either spritz cookies (using a cookie spritzer) or cut cookies (using cookie cutters).

You could either just add some anise extract to any old sugar cookie or butter cookie recipe out there ... or google up a recipe that has anise already in it.

a couple tips ...
Use parchment ("baking paper") under the cookies.
Take them out when they seem about 80% done (don't wait til you think they are "golden")
Bake only one tray at a time unless you are using a fan-powered convection oven.
Make sure to rotate the tray in the oven about midway thru baking to avoid hotspots and to bake all the cookies more evenly.

Good luck!