Enchiladas Potosinas

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2006/12/08 12:46:02
I have been eating Mexican Food, authentic, TexMex, Southeast and most all regional variations most of my life. I had not heard of Enchiladas Potosinas until about two months ago.

You make the masa dough for corn tortillas but you add paste made from dried chile anchos that have been soaked in hot water and put in a blender with salt and a little water. Make your favorite cooked salsa with tomatoes, serrano or jalapenos and garlic. Set aside and let it cool, after it cools mix in some crumbled queso fresco. You then make the tortilla rounds a little smaller than regular sized tortillas. Add the salsa and chesse mixture to the tortilla and fold in half and seal the edges. Cook on both sides then set aside to cool. You then fry the enchiladas in a little oil to crisp them up and heat through.

Serve them with refried beans and avocado slices or guacamole and topped with:

Crumbled queso fresco and onions,

Mole sauce,

Or mexican cream.

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RE: Enchiladas Potosinas 2006/12/08 14:26:14
Well they sure look yum!

Are they from a particular part of Mexico?
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RE: Enchiladas Potosinas 2006/12/08 15:18:25
Originally posted by NYNM

Well they sure look yum!

Are they from a particular part of Mexico?

The are from San Luis in the state of Potosi.

RE: Enchiladas Potosinas 2006/12/08 18:53:03
Never seen them on a menu, or for that matter heard of them.. Will keep it in mind though. Thanks for sharing them tasty pics and the technique on making them.
RE: Enchiladas Potosinas 2006/12/08 19:14:09
This is an add for a Mexican restaurant and food vendor.


See the website start page: http://www.geocities.com/arturogh20

RE: Enchiladas Potosinas 2006/12/08 20:33:21

GONZALEZ MOLINA ENFRIJOLADAS Liquefy beans cooked in appropriate quantity of their own broth to obtain a sufficiently thick mixture and heat it to slow fire, until it begins to boil. The fried enchiladas are soaked well in the mixture and they are served from three to five in each plate. They are adorned with cream, sweet pepper ribbons, onion and chopped parsley.
2 chicken breasts cooked with an onion piece,
3 cloves of garlic,
salt and 5 peppers.
Already cooked you deshebran.
1/2 cup of chicken broth,
1 medium can of jitomate puree
or 4 jitomates,
1/2 thin sliced onion and cut in
2 chopped cloves of garlic,
6 chilis peeled poblanos, desvenados and cut in ribbons,
1 cup of cream,
150 gr. of cheese grated chihuahua,
18 enchiladas potosinas soaked in 1/2
cup of jumbled milk with 2 whole
eggs, and salt,
1 spoonful of sugar,
5 spoonfuls of oil.
In a saucepan he/she warms the oil, there it is fried the onion, the garlic and the cracks by 10 minutes, he/she is added the puree or milled jitomate, it is allowed to refry a little, adding him the broth and the cream seasoning it with salt and sugar. In a refractory one they leave placing a layer of enchiladas potosinas, chicken, refried and cheese. This way successively until finishing in cheese, he/she enters to the oven of gas at 350°C for 30 minutes
RE: Enchiladas Potosinas 2006/12/08 20:36:29

In a refractory one it puts a layer of fried enchiladas or without frying; above these he/she adds a layer of cracks of chili prepared poblano to the pleasure, add cream. At once add a second layer of enchiladas potosinas, cracks of chili poblano and it cremates; add cheese grated manchego. Introdusca to the oven of gas at 200°C for 15 minutes.
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RE: Enchiladas Potosinas 2006/12/08 20:48:55
I got the pics off the site. I can't post my own, no camera, I still use 35mm. It was just to show what they look like.

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RE: Enchiladas Potosinas 2006/12/12 17:51:50
While have haven't heard of them,you can get in the San Antonio area
red tortillas for enchiladas,which mainly around here seem to be used for cheese enchiladas and are no doubt corn masa to which chili puree is added to give it the red color.