Chili Contest?

2006/12/08 13:04:19
Okay, maybe this isn't the right place for this post but I would like some thoughts about this idea. I know I registered from Hot Springs Ar, but this will take place in Southwest Wisconsin. Plan on opening a Hot Dog place in a small town. I am in a quandry over the chili to serve with hot dogs, and universally top over a baked potato and maybe chili mac, havn't decided on the latter yet.

Okay here is the idea. The husband thought to have a chili cooking contest with the locals, offer the winner a monetary reward in exchange for the recipe. That way we could advertise "award winning chili" and we are confident that the chili is popular in the area we serve.

What do you all think?
Filet Mignon
RE: Chili Contest? 2006/12/08 13:25:13
I switched this posting of mine from your other forum:

The chili contest idea could be great, or it could be a disaster. It all depends on three things:

1. Are you going to get enough entries to really get a "best" recipe? You said it is a small town, and Wisconsin is not noted for chili. Even the best recipe might not be that great, or you might only get one contestant.

2. In a small town everyone knows everyone else. Are there different factions there that don't get along? If a person from one group wins the contest, will that get other people (from another group) ticked off enough to boycott your restaurant?

3. Will the winner be willing to give up their recipe to you, even for money (unless it's a lot of money)? If the recipe has been in their family for generations, there might even be in-fighting in the family over whether it should be released (not good publicity in a small town). For that matter, with you being an outsider (not a native), they might not be willing to release the recipe at all for any price

These are all things you might want to "sound out" from the natives ahead of time.
RE: Chili Contest? 2006/12/08 13:37:20
Very good observations 6star thank you. I had originally thought about making certain criteria for the contest, one being the willingness to give the recipe upon winning. As far as participation goes, good question also. I'm not a big fan of store bought prepared chili, I'd like to make it myself. I'd like a nice conistency, no big chunks of stuff, and no beans. It might work, will have to do as you say and feel out the idea with the locals.
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RE: Chili Contest? 2006/12/12 09:37:26
Have you tried the Coney Island hotdog that Sonic serves. They are tremendous! There is a slight BBQ taste to the sauce. I have made Chili for some time. After eating at Sonic, my daughter asked me to make a Sonic dog. I took my regular chili recipe and added 1/4 cup of my favorite bbq sauce per cup of chili. I came pretty close to Sonic's. Close enough that I won't be craving a trip to Sonic soon. You might give it a try. Craig