Salsa Spiciness

Stephen Rushmore Jr.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
2003/07/16 08:45:33
Salsa Spiciness
  • Mild (11%)
  • Medium (45%)
  • Hot! (44%)
Total Votes = 682
RE: Salsa Spiciness 2003/07/16 16:33:43
I voted for hot. I make no secret that I like fiery foods. But despite this proclivity, the best tasting salsa I have ever had in my life was mild. It was served to me at a restaurant in New York called Patria, a Latin Fusion place - quite upscale. The chef is Douglas Rodriguez who has made a name for himself over the last 5 years. It contained the mildest of green chiles, and was a cooked salsa, not a salsa cruda. But it was not thin, it was thick and highly scoopable. The chips served with it were handcut green plantain chips sliced the long way, each one about 10 inches high. They alone were worth the price of admission. To this day I have no idea how he got that salsa to taste so delicious. It was far and away better than its nearest competitor. Had barely any onions or garlic in it that I could discern - some, to be sure, but the flavor was mostly unadulterated tomato. If I could cook a salsa like that, I'd never leave the house!