Thomas Sweets Ice Cream

Junior Burger
2003/03/10 15:02:18
The very best ice cream I've ever had is at Thomas Sweets in Princeton NJ and New Brunswick NJ! They make homemade hard ice cream, in all kinds of specialty flavors, which is great on a cone. BUT- The really fantastic stuff is the blended ice cream that you can have them make tailored to your taste. You take one of their couple dozen flavors of hard ice cream and then add what you like (cookies, fresh fruit, nuts, candy bars, etc. a la Dairy Queen blizzard) and blend it together. You can put in as many items as you want, but it tastes better if you limit it to one or two because the ice cream is much richer than the ice milk that comes out of soft-serve machines and it can get overwhelming if you go all out the first time you try it. My favorite is amaretto ice cream with oreo cookies. We moved from New Jersey to Minnesota in '94 and I still miss Thomas Sweets and drool when I think about them!
pixie girl
Junior Burger
RE: Thomas Sweets Ice Cream 2003/03/11 19:37:34
If anyone is looking the best must try Abbotts (of Rochester, NY) Chocolate Almond. My husband couldn't figure out how someone could get so excited about custard till he tried this stuff. My relatives question who I'm visiting..them or Abbotts! Now That I live in New Jesey, I will look for Thomas Sweets next time I'm in Princeton