Pastrami Dip Sandwich

Junior Burger
2006/12/29 19:49:42
I'm a Southern California transplant and would love to get my hands on a California style pastrami dip sandwich (anyone know The Hat in Southern California???). Anybody (PLEASE!!!!) know of anywhere in the Twin Cities area or a couple hours away that serves a pastrami dip sandwich (on a hoagie/french roll, thin sliced fatty peppery pastrami usually with mustard and pickles...the pastrami is in juice--boiled?)...I'm actually drooling!
Junior Burger
RE: Pastrami Dip Sandwich 2006/12/31 21:28:02
Until this...I thought I was on crack!! I had a local drive in that served these...they were AWESOME! Never seen them anywhere else...its all the rye and whatever. The Pastrami dip is HEAVEN!!
Junior Burger
RE: Pastrami Dip Sandwich 2007/01/28 00:11:59
OMG these are great... and please dont ever get double meat.. i did twice.. the first and last

Filet Mignon
RE: Pastrami Dip Sandwich 2007/01/28 11:41:17
Double meat? I went there Monday.......ordered a regular-----and there must have been 1/4 lb. of meat that didn't even fit on the roll!
Junior Burger
RE: Pastrami Dip Sandwich 2007/01/28 16:19:02
like i said i only did it once... never

Junior Burger
Re:Pastrami Dip Sandwich 2011/05/10 17:34:54
If your talking The Hat, I think your confusing double meat, with 'double dip', double dip with pickles, mustard and peppercinni's, good grub.
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