Reno Nevada where to eat?

Junior Burger
2003/07/18 09:25:18
I will be in Reno next week, plan on trying Louis Basque restaurant, any other roadfood worthy recommendations?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Reno Nevada where to eat? 2003/07/18 21:30:55
Spent 4 days there last fall. Drove all over the place and didn't find too much roadfood. I can recommend the dinner buffet at Atlantis or Eldorado (I'm not real sure which, but it is next to the Silver Legacy right on the main drag).
RE: Reno Nevada where to eat? 2003/07/24 00:38:04
Just returned from Reno for Women's Bowling Tournament.
Atlantis buffet is great,but expensive on Sat. night
Limericks at Fitzgerald's casino has good Irish food.
Brews Brothers brewpub (Reno airport and Eldorado/Circus Circus/Silver Nugget complex was also great-nice burgers and beer.
Most diners have closed up.
Secure transportation is necessary, casino shuttles were useless-schedules different at each hotel-not consistent.
Reno definitely has a good side and a bad side of town-be careful.
Bottled water is a necessity and available everywhere.