Italian Ice

Junior Burger
2007/01/04 21:09:14
Anyone out there own a Italian Ice stand or store I could vist? Have not had a good ice in quite a while. Thanks
RE: Italian Ice 2007/01/11 17:44:23
Mario's on Taylor Street, Chicago..... but ya got to wait they close in the winter.
RE: Italian Ice 2007/01/15 15:32:47
When I was a kid, there was a great one in Jersey City, NJ-Kaye's nut shoppe. it was a small place, selling ices in the back & candy & fresh popcorn in the front. Sadly, it's long gone.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Italian Ice 2007/01/18 20:14:23
I cannot guarantee the authenticity of the location, there is a place in Gatlinburg that locals and the Knoxville newspaper has written up as being very good. It is right down the street from the place that sells hot dogs and other good dogs that you can smell from the street.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN