Schickhaus Hot Dogs

Junior Burger
2003/07/22 17:36:28
I am originally from the Jersey shore and grew up on Max's and Windmill hot dogs -- Schickhaus Hot Dogs. I currently live in Southern Florida and am wondering if anyone knows of a place that sells the Schickhaus brand down here. If so, please reply. thanks. email-
RE: Schickhaus Hot Dogs 2003/07/26 19:28:45
I know that a NY disc jockey (Dan Ingram) tried to do a tongue twister on the name and ended up making a BIG MISTAKE! on the most listened to radio station in the country.

After that, he called it "The Most Carefully Pronounced Name In Franks."
RE: Schickhaus Hot Dogs 2003/07/28 09:33:17
KC4, after reading your post I just had to tell you, last week I took the afternoon off, spent it on the beach with my girlfriend and about five o'clock headed for Max's. We had hot dogs and fries. Excellent. Then drove a few blocks to the Windmill for hot dogs and fries. Excellent again. If you cannot find Schickhaus, have you tried the large Thumans hot dogs. They might be an o.k. substitute.
RE: Schickhaus Hot Dogs 2003/07/28 16:38:19
Peppertree...I used to listen to their jingles on WABC <where Ingraham worked> and I always thought that's what they were saying anyway, and I couldn't figure out HOW they could say that on the radio, and WHO would buy hot dogs with a name like that???
RE: Schickhaus Hot Dogs 2003/07/31 20:33:54
On Dan Ingram's next show (the next day) he did tongue twisters to prove that he could still talk. He also was careful in pronouncing Smucker's (Jams).

There are many great Ingram airchecks on various websites.

And Schickhaus...remember their radio spots around 1972? The son would come to the father-owner with some "new" idea and the father would listen with incredulity and finaly dismiss or throw his son out with a sarcastic remark reasuring listeners that the company would keep to the "old fashion" way of making franks and running a business.

The ads were funny, witty and entertaining. They were all that you could ever want in a radio ad except mod music.

After the ad, the deejay would use the "tag line" which is where Dan Ingram ran into trouble trying to do a tongue twister and making the worst imaginable mistake that a deejay could ever make, and he was the most listened to jock on the most listened station.