the heidelburg

Junior Burger
2007/01/22 16:26:01
i have been stopping off the nys thruway for a year or so to have lunch at the heidelburg on route 28 in herkimer, ny. it's a bakery and restaurant [bld]. the food is very good, some of it german and eastern european. today's special was hungarian goulash. i did not try it but opted instead for their turkey soup and pate with cornichons and lots of their great crusty bread. and a peanut butter cookie for dessert. total bill about $9.00. this is sturdy, honest food.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: the heidelburg 2007/01/22 17:29:32
koblak, good review, thanks and welcome to Roadfood.

RE: the heidelburg 2007/01/23 20:01:28

Sounds good, thanks. Might want to also post in the "Where Have All The German Restaurants Gone?" thread...
Junior Burger
RE: the heidelburg 2008/05/24 07:32:23
Just an update on the Heidelburg, I was there this past week (5/21/08) and all the ads and flyers state open to 8PM and dinner. When I went in at 5:30PM for dinner I was told they close at 6PM. So try for breakfast or lunch.