Sheetz Chili Dogs

Junior Burger
2007/01/23 15:07:28
Since I am new here - I wanted to share one of my best chili dog places with you all - I hope they come to NJ area. It is a service/gas station out in PA and some other southern states, the place has a funny name but man they make a great dog, and you do it on a touchscreen computer - toppings and all - I suggest adding the jalapenos to the chili and onion/mustard topping. The name of the place is called "Sheetz" it is a gas station/mart. Check it out if your on Interstate 81 from Virginia on Up and some others are all over the place. If anyone agrees please let me know.
RE: Sheetz Chili Dogs 2007/01/23 15:26:27
I beleive it's been mentioned here before... But dont quote me.. Do a quick search here at the top of the page. And welcome to Roadfood!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Sheetz Chili Dogs 2007/01/24 04:36:38
Hello All,
Jkiseli, welcome to Roadfood.
I live near Harrisonburg, Va., and Interstate 81 passes through the edge of our growing city.
We have 2 Sheetz in town and I agree they make a great chili dog for a great price. Over time
the quality of all their food has improved locally, but the chili dogs stand out to me, 2 for
99 cents.
Take Care,
Junior Burger
RE: Sheetz Chili Dogs 2007/01/26 02:16:44
Sheetz has Kunzler make their hot dogs. The formula is the same as the retail hot dog but slightly smaller in size (11 or 12 to 1). Manufactured by the same people is the chili sauce... it's ok but there is much better out there as well. What's nice is all the other stuff you can throw on top that makes it taste better including the jalapeƱos. It's's cheap. I think the chili dogs are now 2 for 1.29. Regular dogs 2 for 99 cents. It's a good dog but not a great dog IMO.

From a quality standpoint, the subs are much better. A toasted Club Combo with thats worth typing about. Billboards around here have a picture of Steve Sheetz saying "Our new prices are going to derail the subway". HA! 6" subs for $1.99. My only problem with the store is that I always end up spending way too much money when I'm there. They get you with all the other convenience stuff. (not cheap!)

Sheetz spends TONS of money on state-of-the-art technology. Some stores now have touch order screens at the gas pumps. They were the first place to have a drive-thru touch screen order the world! I go thru there a lot and it's nice if you don't have to wait behind the family minivan taking dinner home. They are definitely changing the convenience store industry. 7-11 has a lot of catching up to do! My best friend heads up the IT dept at Sheetz. His team just revamped the web site. Top notch...Check it out...

RE: Sheetz Chili Dogs 2007/01/30 07:45:27
I used to live in Pennsylvania, and actually worked on construction crews building several Sheetz stores. I always used to like the food there, cant wait till they come this far south!

RE: Sheetz Chili Dogs 2007/01/30 18:12:23
I agree with spinal tap - the dog are OK. but, you're better off getting subs, bagel sandwhiches and the like. Also, I have found that the heated sandwhiches, melts etc. tend to become very soggy, which has a lot to do with the fact that the sandwich is still steaming (releasing moisture) when wrapped. So, when we stop at sheetz, it's either cold subs or toasted bagel, but nothing grilled or otherwise warmed.

I recently (post New Year's Day on return trip from Buffalo to DC) had their fries, which I also enjoyed. We have 7-11s all over the place, and when I visit my buddy in Philly, we always hit Wawa's (because he's a Wawa man) But, as spinaltap said, Sheetz is leading leading the way, and IMO 7-11 and Wawa's has a LOT of catching up to do.