Pot Roast.

Ort. Carlton.
Filet Mignon
2007/01/25 01:17:39
Here I sit in chilly Athens, Georgia at 1:17 A. M. wishing I had a nice chunk of pot roast in front of me.
Since there was no such thread, I have created one.
Let's share pot roast stories, lore, and whatever.
I'll do a Pot Roast Vegetables thread elsewhere; that's what my real question was to begin with.
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/25 02:01:04
I've been throwing around the idea of making a pot roast on my own. For some reason it scares me.. Probably the failure part of it..

Last good Pot Roast I had was at the Grand Rapids Brewing Company. Actually it was pretty decent! Think they used some of their homebrew in the recipe... But then I was kicking back enjoying a blonde homebrew (well several of them), so hard to remember the exact facts..
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/25 13:34:59
I love pot roasts of many types. One of my regular winter Sunday things to do is to get a pot roast of some type braising in the oven. The one I make most often is boiled beef with horseradish sauce, next is a Yankee pot roast. One time I even made Chinese red-cooked pork belly (next time I'll be a little less adventurous and do a shoulder).

I just tried a new one a couple of weeks ago. We had a chunk of pancetta left from another recipe and a bottle of quasi-Barolo wine from Trader Joes that we weren't in love with and Hannaford's had some chuck for $1.79 so I tried Cook's Illustrated's recipe for beef in Barolo. An incredible dish of meat with a sauce that's basically the concentrated flavors of wine, beef, pork and tomato. Mashed potatos were actually too rich as a side with the rich sauce and I'd probably do plain boilers next time (or polenta, if I trusted myself to make it).
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/25 13:39:08
Ever since I have followed Sundancer's method of making pot roast I usually do one once a week. Go home at lunch put one in the oven low and slow! Put the veggies in when I get home and in about an hour or so dinner is ready!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/25 13:47:45

The next pot roast adventure I want to make is Sauerbraten. I know there are many recipes and styles, and it takes three days (or so) to marinate the meat in the wine/vinegar.

Anyone have a great recipe they want to share?
Bill B.
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/25 13:56:51
Here's what I do when I'm working at home:

Take a nice 7-bone roast with good marbeling, season it and coat it with flour. Brown it on medium-high in a large, cast-iron skillet.

While the roast is browning, heat a kettle of water to boiling.

After the flip side has browned, turn the heat down to medium-low and add the boiling water. (A can of beer doesn't hurt.) Fill the skillet with water right to the top of the roast. Place a loose-fitting lid (I use the flat lid to a large aluminum pot) atop the skillet. Let the roast simmer, turning once, for two hours. If the water runs low, add more.

After two hours, take off the lid and turn the heat up a notch. Add a couple of quartered yellow onions, fitting them into the pan wherever you can. Cook it for another hour or so withouth the lid, stirring the onions occasionally. The liquid cooks down to a delicious gravy, and toward the end when the gravy is just right, the cooked onions start to carmelize. If it's a good pot roast, it will be flavorful and falling-apart tender.

If it's a really big cast-iron skillet, you can add potatoes and carrots when you add the onions.

RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/25 18:50:03
I Started a similar thread on Jan 22nd...
Had it in the recipe thread...
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/25 18:51:06
Originally posted by Ashphalt


The next pot roast adventure I want to make is Sauerbraten. I know there are many recipes and styles, and it takes three days (or so) to marinate the meat in the wine/vinegar.

Anyone have a great recipe they want to share?

See above post...
Junior Burger
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/25 19:08:01
My Pot Roast secret touch is to add a few shakes of balsamic vinegar to the gravy toward the end- adds just the right amount of tang and richness !

It's getting cold here in Florida tomorrow ( LOL 49- but cold is relative). I think it's gonna be a pot roast day!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/27 15:17:10

I thought something about this was familiar.

Too late for this weekend, it's colder than it's been in 3 years and I've got a boiled beef going. But soon, thanks!
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/28 00:03:54
Ort, good idea but I sure don't consider Pot Roast a "Prime Cut"

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/28 20:41:06
I do have one pot roast story.

It was a cold and icy night in February, and also was my birthday. I was 22 or 23 and living away from home in a tiny apartment. The roads were so treacherous that I invited the woman I worked with who lived farthest away to stay overnight at my place. Soon after we arrived, there was a knock at the door and I wondered who would be out in such awful weather.

I looked out and it was my mom, holding a cardboard carton. She came in and unpacked a pan of her luscious pot roast, braised potatoes and carrots and quart jars filled with brown gravy and a cucumber and onion salad. She’d driven about 55 miles to surprise me with a birthday dinner complete with my favorite kind of birthday cake. The trip had taken her more than 3 hours and she was exhausted, since she wasn’t the greatest driver even in good weather.

After some wine while the food was heating up, we sat down to dinner and maybe it was the circumstances but I never ate a pot roast that ever tasted any better than that one.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/28 21:01:24

Ruby Rose,
Thank you for sharing that story about your Mom. I was lucky enough to have a mother who thought along the same sort of path that yours did. She did a wonderful Pot Roast! Your comments brought back several very good memories of times shared over the years. I miss my Mom very much.
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/29 17:29:11
Great story, Ruby Rose. It helps many of us remember when our moms . . . . . . did so much for us. For those whose mom's are still around, hug them tightly and let them know how much you love and appreciate them.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/29 18:19:33
Ruby, your story was great and I can appreciate a parents love for their daughter.

I hope that after the wine and bad weather, your mother spent the night with you.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
ann peeples
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/29 18:52:47
My mothers birthday just passed,and I have been missing her very much(she passed away 2 years ago..)I have a similar story,but it involved tulips and red velvet cake on my birthday on a cold blustery Feb.day....Thanks for conjuring up that memory RubyRose,it brought a tear to my eye but a smile to my face(by the way-Mom made awesome pot roast as well!)
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/30 01:23:43
I love the pot roast stories, but in real life, my mother's just wasn't that great. Usually very dry and stringy.

I may be going out on a limb here, and it may belong in another thread, but I've had the pot roast from Mimi's Cafe Restaurant several times now, and I absolutely LOVE IT. It's rather fatty, which is how I like a pot roast, so with the more ketchup, the better. I request it without the gravy and grated carrots. Ugh.

I'm practically drooling, just thinking about it.
Filet Mignon
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/30 08:26:11
Pwingsx, Don't keep us in the dark! Just where is Mimi's Cafe, in case anyone wants to try their pot roast? Chow Jim
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/30 09:01:03
Mimi's Cafe is a 'chain' operation. I would compare it to Cheddars,and some of the other garden-patio style newer chains. In my judgement it sits one level above Chili's and Macaroni Grill. If we were to be discussing the place in detail I would agree this would move to the chain forum, but to include a comment about a menu item in a thread about that type of food is NOT a bad thing. I'm glad to hear their Pot Roast is good! There are a Bunch of Mimi's Cafe outlets in SoCal. I think there is one here in Louisville, but haven't seen it.
Filet Mignon
RE: Pot Roast. 2007/01/30 13:18:19
Thanks Al, I just located their web site. Seems like a decent spot for a chain, with comfort type food. Acording to the web site they have yet to open in your area. All this talk about pot roast it sounds like my dinner option for this evening. Chow Jim