Cocktail Music/Easy Listning

Michael Anderson
Junior Burger
2003/07/23 21:16:54
I have really agonized over suggesting this New Topic. However, after much deliberation I couldn't discount any longer it's applicability to those who I Think make up a significant number of Subscribers. That is, those of us who have experienced the beconing lure of the Cocktail Piano, at the Cocktail Hour...and later, in a soft setting filled with friendly conversation among people who all seemed to share common "sweet" feelings of being there at that moment. I confess...I have an ulterior motive: I want you all to know about a WEB-SITE I discovered, and I hope you will go there and listen if you can. >< IF I'm correct about you all out there...then I know you will be "Turned(back)On" to a time almost lost or forgotten. There are many time-frames, and a zillion tunes...almost ALL will be familliar...and at least ONE will bring a Good Tear. Check-out the Site...and Please share your thoughts. Respectfully...MICHAEL A*
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Cocktail Music/Easy Listning 2003/07/23 21:19:59
Michael, I may have messed up or your website is flawed. Could not connect.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Cocktail Music/Easy Listning 2003/07/23 21:33:35
I got to the site. You just have to drop the "<".