Wilmington, NC area

2003/07/24 08:49:27
O.K. guys, I'm desperate! If I don't find a Roadfood joint in or around the Wilmington, NC area before this weekend, I'm in deep trouble with my seven-year-old, a dedicated Roadfooder. Please help!

Doghouse Mom
RE: Wilmington, NC area 2003/07/24 10:14:15
Leon's on 17 toward Jacksonville is great for breakfast and large seafood dishes, etc. for other meals.
Front Street Brewery has good hamburgers and several other things there are good also.
The cheapest and biggest, by far, is Something Fishey on Shipyard Blvs. I think. It is sooo cheap and more than you can eat-great hushpuppies!! Wish we were there to join you!!!
Calabash, the seafood capital of the world, is only 40 min. or so.
We live near Wilmington part of the time and love to go there just to eat. These are just a few of the super places to eat there. You may also want to tour the film studio, Battleship NC and the waterfront area. Happy visiting!
Junior Burger
RE: Wilmington, NC area 2003/07/24 10:38:23
Just a few that I think are worth mentioning:

Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn
4002 Oleander Dr.
Great local place with lots of character, fresh huge burritos and other baja cuisine and an incredible salsa bar at moderate prices.

Middle of the Island Restaurant
216 Causeway Dr. Wrightsville Beach
Look for an orange building on the right on the way to Wrightsville Beach. Another great local place with fresh seafood, home cooked meals and daily specials. Moderately priced and crowded in a good way. Get there early.

7324 Market St.(Hwy 17) Ogden, about 7 miles NE of Wilmington
Family owned diner with huge portions. Friendly, neighborhood place, great for breakfast, daily specials.

Salt Works
6301 Oleander Dr.
Fresh local seafood and other choices at good prices. Haven't been there in a few years, but it was a good, comfortable place to find a great meal.

Junior Burger
RE: Wilmington, NC area 2003/07/24 10:41:36
Wilmington, my hometown, not exactly "Roadfood Heaven"..but we have a lot of good places to eat. You're going to want to sit outside and enjoy the view at the Dockside near Wrightsville Beach, great burgers as well.Southern Food in abundance at the Taste of Country buffet in downtown Wilmington. The best breakfast is at The Middle of the Isle at Wrightsville Beach..get there early on weekends! Paul's Place for Hot Dogs, 12 miles north on US 117, it's been there since 1929. Also, Merrits Burger House on Carolina Beach Rd. It's the last of the old fashioned drive ins operating since the 1950's. The experience outweighs the food, which is just OK. There are a lot of fancy dining places in town as well.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Wilmington, NC area 2003/07/24 12:54:50
I fully agree that "Middle of the Island" has a great breakfast, and good "Roadfood" for other meals as well. The best fried seafood I have found in the area is "Jones" a few miles south between Yaupon Beach and Long Beach. "Mama Mia's" in Carolina Beach has great pizza, and there are several good seafood places in the area of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach.
And Calabash is out of this world for fried seafood. This is a town built around seafood restaurants. As a matter of fact, there is nothing there except 20 to 30 seafood restaurants.
Don't miss strolling down Wrightsville Beach. I'm making myself homesick for North Carolina just thinking about the good times from Nags Head down to Myrtle Beach.
RE: Wilmington, NC area 2003/07/24 16:40:20
Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I'm looking forward to checking out Roadfood restaurants farther up the Eastern seaboard.
Of course, being a native Southerner, I have to find at least one good BBQ restaurant. Any suggestions?

Tip: If you're a BBQ fan, Sgt. White's in Beaufort, SC, is an excellent restaurant for BBQ, soul food and seafood. It has been reviewed on this site. I highly recommend it! The owner is a former USMC drill sergeant.
Junior Burger
RE: Wilmington, NC area 2003/07/24 17:59:17
Jackson's Big Oak BBQ on S Kerr Ave is adequate for bar-b-q. Nowhere near as good as Wilber's in Goldsboro or Pete's Skylight in Ayden, but fine for a BBQ fix.

Here's something I forgot in the earlier post..Check out Holland Shelter Fish camp on Hwy 53, near Burgaw. Great fried sea food and goodies such as frog legs and shrimp creole. Take I-40 20 miles to the Burgaw/Jacksonville and proceed about 5 miles toward J-ville. It's a remote little joint on a riverbank. You can bring your own wine too!
RE: Wilmington, NC area 2003/07/25 07:31:35
Mobley's right-I'm from Pender County and forgot about Holland Shelter-shame on me!
China Buffet on Market Street is very reasonable-especially at lunch- has great sushi and lots of choices unless it has changed in the last yr. Across the street is a great Mexican Restaurant -salsa is super and they have a wonderful seafood soup
RE: Wilmington, NC area 2003/07/25 07:38:38
PS-The Mad Boar in Wallace (right off I-40 at RiverLanding exit) is nice. It is very attractive and has some nice prices considering the atmosphere. There are two of them-the other one in Myrtle Beach. It is owned by the Murphy family so there is always pork on the menu. The hamburgers are large, comes with a side and is about 5 bucks. Great place for the price.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Wilmington, NC area 2003/07/25 08:19:46
If you are driving to Wilmington, the smell from the hog farms along the highways east of I-95 might be enough to cause you to boycott barbecue and any other pork products. I used to love that drive from Cary to the coast before Murphy's Farms decided to become the worlds largest pork producer. BUT--I do love BBQ and North Carolina cured country ham!!
RE: Wilmington, NC area 2003/07/25 09:04:19
I hear you, Hillbilly. I've been around a hog farm or two, but I just couldn't swear off BBQ. I came close, though, when we relocated to the Carolinas. I can't handle the mustard-based sauces, because yellow BBQ just doesn't look right to me! I learned to eat the thin, vinegary red sauce, and have come to enjoy it. But like everybody else, I think my home state makes the best BBQ sauce.