Tank's Chili Dayton Ohio

Junior Burger
2007/01/26 01:07:27
Seriously if you haven't made the trip to mecca is seriously suggest it. Tank himself owns a bar in Dayton, Ohio called Tank's for many years it's flown under the radar for only those in the "know" this chill is meaty to say the least and has the perfect consistency and seasonings...please someone tell me you've had it with cheese and red onion?

-my way grilled cheese?
Junior Burger
RE: Tank's Chili Dayton Ohio 2008/02/14 17:05:54
I agree Tank's roadkill (it's not really) chili is the best in town!
I also loved Elder-Beerman's chili, but I don't know of any stores with restaurants. Tank's is also our favorite place for a tasty and hearty breakfast/brunch.
RE: Tank's Chili Dayton Ohio 2008/02/14 17:59:09
I'm jealous! If only someone would serve a decent bowl of chili in Texas. Oh, I haven't been to the new Tolbert's yet.