Pizza and only Pizza

Junior Burger
2003/07/24 10:32:10
The Colony Grill in Stamford, CT still makes pizza as it did when it opened in the late 40s/early 50s: thin crusted tavern style. The flavor and crust consistency has never wavered. CG is an old Irish pub on peyote: your choices are beer, booze, soda, and pizza, with photos on the wall right out of a Damon Runyon story. Don't ask for salad before your dinner or coffee afterward - - they'll tell you "You want coffee, Starbucks is a mile and a half down the street." But, man, that pizza is fabulous. Many folks prefer the basic cheese, or toppings including stinger peppers, hot oil, sausage, and onions. This is pretty basic, but that's the main selling proposition of the Colony Grill: splendidly unique pizza and no frou-frou frills. Be a real local and eat at the bar amid the smells of smoke and Reingold.
RE: Pizza and only Pizza 2003/07/24 11:38:09
Sausage and Stingers is my favorite. The sausage comes from the sausage factory across the street, De Yulios. When I worked in Stamford, we ate there at least once a week.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: Pizza and only Pizza 2003/07/24 12:40:23
Reingold is still around? My beer was Reingold the dry beer. (I still) think of Reingold whever I buy beer.
RE: Pizza and only Pizza 2003/07/24 13:05:33
Rheingold the brand was bought a few years ago and revived. It's actually good beer, and not micro-brew expensive. Take a look at
RE: Pizza and only Pizza 2003/07/24 15:46:35
this ISN'T news. arggggh. what can we do?
Junior Burger
RE: Pizza and only Pizza 2003/07/24 20:14:52
Alright folks...if you are a fan of the classic red sauce italian..and you are in Boston 15 minutes north for the classic 1940's style/paneled walls/booths/dark/and(you can still smoke in the back..Italian/pizza/and fine seafood plates..i dont think anything on the menu is over 10 bucks.Montes Restaurant..under the train Woody Allen in Annie Hall!!!
The pizza crust is the thinnest crispy cheese pizza spattered brownish crust w/ the finest red sauce(from your youth mmmm) and not caked w/ cheese..just enough... 3/4 cheeses to make it a pizza..real italian pizza.It is THE BEST PIZZA..and i need one now!!
Also Chicken parm casserole w/ loads of sauce and cheese..the fried boneless chicken breast w/ gravy/fries and salad...7.50..each.
The fried scallop plate is some of the best frying on the planet..crisp/light and browned perf..served w/ excellent fries and slaw..10.00 bux.
The place is a collar barside..giveaways for the kids..and raffles/trivia books and walls filled w/ silly commentary plaques.
The waitresses rule..and the make there own cocacola..finest around.
Eastern ave/Lynn mass.GOGOGO!!!imight have to myself after this post.
My virgin Mike/Jane...they are my fave food writers!!!
RE: Pizza and only Pizza 2003/07/24 23:11:12
What can we do? I'll have a Rheingold and relax until someone figures out how to move the thread.

Honestly, I look at the subject/topic before I look at the section the thread is in. I have no issue with moderators (or sub-moderators) moving discussions to the proper place. Let's just keep talking about Roadfood.
RE: Pizza and only Pizza 2003/07/25 01:24:57
I agree. but a post in the right place makes for a much livelier discussion. I'm not against pizza or news. I have the feeling the servers are straining under our load, though. This place is getting more popular all the time. I'm not sure everyone cruises all forums everyday and if it was in the pizza forum it would be seen by people interested in pizza. maybe I'm wrong, but I don't have the time to peruse every topic on every forum everyday. sorry if I stepped on toes. or