Turkish/greek pudding ECKmekatafi?

Junior Burger
2007/01/29 13:08:14
My spelling is phonetic, does anyone know what this dessert is actually called is a a pudding with pischahio and cake, and is served a Yiasou Cafe in Liberty, NY; It is only open in the summer time, I would love to duplicate this for Valentines for my Hubby! Any help would be great!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Turkish/greek pudding ECKmekatafi? 2007/01/29 14:25:49
Ekmek Kataifi.
The bread part is kataifi.
I'm sorry, I've never made it and I won't lead you to a recipe I've never tried myself. I'm sure you'll find a good turkish or greek recipe on the net, search with this spelling, if no one has a tried and true for you. Good luck.
Junior Burger
RE: Turkish/greek pudding ECKmekatafi? 2007/01/29 14:58:12
Thank you, This is what I needed to find it! There are several on line for me to evaluate and I am sure one will do!