Seafood in Alaska

2003/07/25 08:10:31
Some of the best seafood I've had anywhere is here in AK. So far this summer we've caught silver, red and king salmon, halibut, rockfish and cod out of Prince William Sound. Friends put shrimp pots out and catch prawns the size of lobsters. We also get fresh side-stripe shrimp and spotted shrimp. Using our fly rods we caught great grayling up at Tangle Lakes, and there are also trout and Dolly Varden. Spending a weekend down at Homer I ate some of the best oysters I've ever had, straight out of Katchemak Bay.......set the cocktail sauce and Tabasco aside, a small squish of lemon is all these georgous oysters need. Everyone goes crazy over the Copper River Reds but I recently had the treat of seeing a 67-lb. Yukon River King and took a slab right out of the middle of the fillet, it was nice and fatty, we ate some sashimi style and grilled the rest. Best salmon I ever ate. Our guest from Minot, ND said the same.